About me

My name is Roman Paulík. I originally come from the Czech Republic (Central Europe).


  • Master degree of Condition Trainer at school Masaryk University Brno (2018 - 2020)
  • Master degree of Applied Kinesiology (APKIN) at school Masaryk University (2018)
  • Bachelor degree of Regeneration and Nutrition in Sport at School Masaryk University (2015-2018)

More info you can see on official website of my alma mater

  • Fitness instructor - Fitness Institute Brno (2015)
  • Nutrition Counselor - NutriAcademy (2014)

My work

    Online coaching 1 on 1
    • tailor-made nutrition
    • training plans, their periodization and programming
    • condition prep for athletes of all kinds
    • repeatedly successful project of group coaching on ketogenic meal plan with bonus biohacking informations
    • several groups have already been successfully completed and with it over 500 participants within the first 6 groups and the number with other groups is still growing) – in czech language
    • Worldwide version of this project you can order here as KETO WORLD PROJECT

    Fitness modeling and cooperation with companies (Under Armour, Commercial bank, Spartan Warrior, MyProtein…)

More information

I have been doing fitness myself for more than 12 years (the first time I got to work out was thanks to my father in 2006, but I started actively training in 2008)

Since 2015, I have worked as a nutrition specialist and personal traper.

Previously, as an amateur, I was actively involved in YouTube fitness as one of the first in the Czech Republic / Slovakia (the biggest boom since 2013). Due to a shoulder injury (2015) and subsequent work and study workload, my work on YouTube gradually minimized.

In 2013, I also founded one of the first and still one of the largest cz sk fitness groups - I BELIEVE IN FITNESS (over 20,000 members) with many other fitness groups numbering several tens of thousands of members.

Thanks to several years of working on social networks, I also got sponsorship and various collaborations with various e-shops and companies.

(Short list - fitgold.cz, Big man nutrition, Czech Virus, USN food supplements, UNS sportswear, Under Armor, ua-store.cz, Dameprotein.cz, MyProtein, Fitmarkbags, Extrifit, Actifit.cz, Spartan Warrior, Aesthetic fitness , Nabersvaly and many others.)

You can also find the current list of my long-term partners on this website or on my czech website www.fredykrigl.cz. If you are interested in worldwide cooperation, contact me via email.

Comprehensive approach

I have devoted myself to a wide range of activities and now I devote myself to all-round development

However, I am not only interested in the sports, visual or health results of my clients, but I am increasingly addressing all aspects of life and their optimization - life & biohacking.

Since 2019, I have been successfully expanding with my services abroad and I am currently operating internationally in the English-speaking market.