$ 75


✔ lowcarb - ketogenic style eating on real foods, no instant substitutes etc

✔ individually calculated and selected meal plan for each participant

✔ dozens of alternatives for each ingredient - it has not happened for a long time that even with full online coaching, someone would be missing something in the alternatives for the ketogenic diet

✔ you can flexibly change raw materials and their combinations according to you throughout the project

✔ time flexibility - you can eat whenever you want, in how many meals you want, include any modifications of intermittent starvation - the only requirement is to eat what you get from me in the meal plan per day (or in the form of alternatives that you choose)

✔ lots of extra bonus information - regime tips (info on intermittent fasts, prolonged fasts, drinks, sweeteners, supplementation, basic useful life & biohacks

✔ a common facebook group, where you can share with others about motivation, results, recipes, impressions, ask me questions, and where I am available to you at all times

✔ Currently several groups of this successful project

✔ anamnesis in the form of a questionnaire here on the web

✔ guaranteed results, if you continuously send me completed tables with circuits, weight, etc. and I will be able to adjust the meal plan to achieve the best possible results

✔ The average fat loss in these two months is 10 kg for the participants and for each group this average is higher and higher. The more fat you have, the faster and greater loss you can expect

✔ I continuously monitor all the ongoing results of the participants, I supervise the best possible course, or I advise within the group

✔ you have the opportunity to take advantage of ultra discounted prices at the beginning of recruitment

✘ I can't be available to everyone within group coaching 24/7, as is the case with full online coaching, where I only take care of a few individuals (sometimes count on the response to your activity - sent results, inquiries in the group and even within days)

✘I do not recommend to people who currently suffer from an illness or have serious health problems that could be a contraindication to this style of eating. If you hide this from me and still get involved, I will not be held responsible for the consequences.